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A space that pulls you in

Among this month's projects is a fun one: cafe layout and design. Now that the lease is signed, I can officially move forward and apply for a building permit with the City of Seattle.

One great part about new construction is that my space it's a completely blank canvas and can be laid out however I wish. It's the perfect opportunity to introduce the brand and set the tone. I want airy, light, modern and inviting with nods to all the beauty and color of India. Given my time at Starbucks, I also know how important it is for the space to be operationally sound, not just beautiful. Otherwise you have gorgeous chaos, and that's not ever on my agenda. With a location in South Lake Union, Amazon HQ's neighborhood, Lassi is going to need to nail those peak hour rushes, and make sure that working in the space a joy for my employees. A lot to accomplish in just 900 square feet.

Many things to consider, and meanwhile the city permit process is looooong. 8-10 weeks from application to approval to start construction, assuming things go well. The city is more interested in the location of my grease trap than my plant wall. And so my phone-a-friend these days is my architect and project manager. Strata Architects is doing the design for this project, which helps me sleep at night since, unlike me, this is not their first rodeo. You've likely enjoyed a meal in one of the beautiful restaurant spaces they've designed. And as for me, it's giddy up time! Check out my Pinterest board for a sneak peek of where we're headed.

More next time on menu development...... XOXO Susannah

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