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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

I'm so excited that my neighbors are starting to move in! Yes, the high-rise apartment building above Lassi & Spice - the Ascent South Lake Union - has wrapped up construction and has started leasing. The 25-story tower houses more than 400 apartments, so many, many future customers that I hope will become regulars. Everything in the building - from the lobby to the elevators to the multiple workout rooms -is so new and shiny. I had a chance to tour and hang out in the rooftop event space and let me just say: those views!

Downtown and the Puget Sound

Rooftop jacuzzi and sunbathing chairs, because....#amenities

And the Needle!

And the Needle!

It's definitely good to be only high-rise in the neighborhood!

Aashish and I were back in the evening for a little wine and cheese reception last week, on an absolutely perfect fall evening. It was good livin' on the roof!

I'm pretty thrilled to be in such good company! Welcome to the neighborhood, Ascent residents! We can't wait to meet you!!!

XOXO Susannah

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