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Becoming official

Blogging is not a familiar space for me yet but I'm jumping in with both feet and some exciting news to share! Lassi & Spice is moving down the path from concept to a real, actual place!! I have a space! Yesterday, I signed a 10 year lease (commitment I fear thee not!). L&S location #1 will be built out in a 900 SF space, part of a brand new construction project at 423 Fairview Ave N. I am BEYOND excited!!!

With my tremendous realtor, Laura Miller

Some people have asked me how I know what I'm doing with this first project. People, I DON'T. But I know my best bet is to surround myself with a dream team of professionals, advisors and experts, and as luck would have it they are mostly rockstar women running their own small businesses. When it was time to choose a realtor, I wanted THE Seattle restaurant realtor. And Laura Miller is it. She made it pretty darn easy for me to get the first place I looked at. Which was a good thing because - confession time - even before I found her, I had my heart set on that building. It was actually LOVE AT FIRST SITE. Not exactly a natural way to feel about a construction project but what can you do? Fortunately I had Laura on my side and a landlord who appreciates my concept and believes in local, small businesses.

So we're off! And it's just the beginning. There's much more to come soon since my architectural design is underway. Until the next post... XOXO, Susannah

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