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The pandemic has left many people in our community struggling with hunger, homelessness, stress and despair. Together we can help. 

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Pav means "bread" in Hindi. Pav is Love is our program to provide free or discounted food to people in need. During any hour that Lassi & Spice is open, any item on our menu is available for FREE for any customer who is struggling with hunger or homelessness. Customers just need to point to a sign requesting the program at checkout. No questions asked. Additionally we regularly provide hot lunch to the 35  guests at Immanuel Community Services, the hygiene center in our neighborhood. 

Our why.
The news is full of stories of vulnerable people left jobless, homeless or cut off from the services they relied on for food security. Public assistance programs and food banks are completely overwhelmed by the need. We recognize that hunger is and homelessness have always been their own public health crises, and they are worse than ever. 

Our how.
We prepare and serve simple, nutritious food all day, every day, and we believe that no one in our neighborhood should go hungry. It is not difficult for us to make a few extra servings for needy individuals, and to welcome and respect needy people like we do everyone else. We ask no questions but take the orders of many homeless people who we serve at no cost. Customer donations help us offset our costs as Lassi & Spice is doing our part to help the most vulnerable in our community.

Our ask.
1) When you order on our website, select "Buy a Meal for a Homeless Person ($5)" or "Buy Coffee and a Pastry for a Homeless Person ($3)". These donations offset our costs for providing free meals. 

2) Help us spread the word so we can serve as many as possible.

Food is how humans show each other love the world over.
Vada Pav is our most loved food item on our menu. Therefore... 
Pav is love!

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